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Apply for Section 8 Online

HUD stands for; housing and urban development. Section 8 and HUD are two separate things. In order to apply for section 8 online, PHA's or housing authorities must be accepting applications. Most section 8 waiting lists are closed due to the high demand of the program and a limited amount of vouchers. This is the dilemma that potential subsidized housing tenants are face with.

While HUD places certain guidelines on their operations, in practice the authorities are independently-run, with their own boards, managers and somewhat differing rules and guidelines. A housing authority’s day-to-day operations are overseen by a CEO or executive director and the staff they choose. As a federal agency, tenants with issues can have the option of taking the issue to court.

Also, for many housing authorities, local governments do play some role in oversight through board appointments. An authority’s board is often appointed by a local official or combination of local governments (if it covers a wide area). HACA’s five-member board, for example, is appointed by the mayor of Asheville, but this type of relationship varies depending on the rules HUD approves for each authority. Applications for housing are always free and there is no fee to apply for section 8 online.

Some housing authorities in WNC only oversee a small town, such as Murphy or Hot Springs. Others, like the Boone-based Northwest Regional Housing Authority, deal with a wide, multi-county area. There are 15 such agencies and nonprofits in WNC.
Who oversees Section 8?

Public housing developments are always overseen by a housing authority. However, the authority will often also oversee Section 8 vouchers as well. For example, both HACA and NWRHA oversee extensive Section 8 programs as well as owning and managing public housing developments. But Section 8 programs are sometimes overseen by local nonprofits instead. For example, in Henderson County, the Hendersonville Housing Authority oversees the area’s public housing while the nonprofit Western Carolina Community Alliance manages Section 8 vouchers in the same county.

While they have board authority over the developments they own and manage, as well as the vouchers they administer for applicants that apply for section 8 online, housing authorities are also entirely or largely dependent on funds from HUD, so federal budget issues have an even larger impact than they do on local governments, who have their own tax revenue to turn to. The declining budget situation has, accordingly to multiple housing authority officials, led to major challenges that have left agencies throughout the country — and WNC — scrambling to adapt.

Section 8 Program- Moving To Work Program
The Housing Authority of San Mateo County offers Section 8 rental assistance to qualified low-income families.

The Housing Authority of San Mateo County is accepting pre-applications at The interest list is not established based on date and time of the application. Periodically, as vouchers become available, names will be randomly selected from the interest list.

Under the Moving To Work Program, a portion of your monthly rent will be paid directly to your landlord. You may choose your own place to live. The unit you choose must meet housing quality standards, fair market rent limits, and the landlord must agree to also participate in the Program. In addition, the Moving To Work Program provides case management services and other supportive services to program participants. The Moving To Work Program has a five (5) year time limit.

Information about how to apply for section 8 in California: The City of San Mateo, has a Below Market Rate Rental Program that serves households whose incomes range from very low to moderate. Apartments are available at different income levels at various locations throughout San Mateo. They are individually owned and operated. However, the City provides a master waiting list for all of the BMR units. BMR unit sizes and design are substantially the same as market rate units in the same complex. Eligibility criteria varies for each development. A minimum income is required to apply. People that live or work in the City of San Mateo will get a priority placement on the list. The waiting list is now closed however.

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCV) - formerly known as the Section 8 Voucher Program, is a rental assistance program to help low and very low-income families, persons with disabilities and seniors so they can live in affordable, safe, and decent housing. This program covers all of Placer County with the exception of the City of Roseville. The City of Roseville has its own Housing Authority which can be accessed at:
HUD-Veteran's Affairs Supportive Housing

Equal Housing OpportunityHUD-Veteran's Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH)- combines the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) rental assistance with case management and clinical services provided by the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for homeless veterans. The VA provides these services for participating Veterans at VA medical centers (VAMCs) and community-based outreach clinics. This waiting list is closed and is not the same one used for applicants that want to apply for section 8 online
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