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About Section 8 Housing and Online Application Help

What is section 8 housing?

Congress established the Section 8 Rental Assistance Program in 1974. Although not an entitlement, the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program is the federal government’s principal housing assistance program. The program assists low-income families, the elderly, and the disabled to rent affordable, safe and sanitary housing. Initially, applicants pay up to 40 percent of their adjusted monthly income toward rent and utilities. The Housing Authority pays the balance of the rent, up to a regulated maximum amount.

Program participants find their own rental housing. The dwelling may be a single-family house, townhouse, condominium, apartment, duplex, triplex, complex, and so on. The dwelling must meet program requirements for health, safety and rent. The Housing Authority of Utah County assists with rent in Utah County, outside of Provo. For assistance within the city of Provo, contact the Provo City Housing.
A section 8 application is always free. Authority at (801) 900-5676.

Eligibility & Application


Eligible individuals and families apply for the program at the Housing Authority of Utah County, 240 East Center Street in Provo, Utah. Complete a pre-application and submit photo identification and Social Security Card for the head of household to get on the waiting list. All adults in the household must sign the pre-application and associated forms. Waiting time depends on program funding from the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development and the number of families currently utilizing the program. The wait may be as short as a couple of months to more than a year.

When a voucher becomes available, the PHA will request the applicant to update household and income information before completing a HUD application. They require income verifications for everyone in the household. They will also require birth certificates and social security cards for everyone in the household.

What's the most rent you can get for section 8?

The maximum rent of a voucher holder’s home must be within program guidelines. The chart above and the brief summary below may help explain the approximate maximum rent for a voucher holder’s home. When a voucher becomes available to an applicant, the applicant attends a briefing to learn the details of the program. Use the information on this page as a general guide only as it pertains to section 8 housing.


The tenant’s portion of the rent and utility allowance, after applying the Section 8 rental assistance subsidy, cannot exceed 40 percent of his or her adjusted monthly income.

The PHA will consider income from everyone in the household.
Income includes all wages and salaries, unemployment benefits, child support, Social Security payments, interest, royalties, financial assistance and so on.

Factors including family size, age, disability, and medical and child care expenses may affect an applicant’s adjusted monthly income.

They will calculate Section 8 rental subsidies based on voucher payment standards, family size, income, total rent and the utility allowance. Utility allowances are based on an average area utility allowance adjusted for home size and type, gas or electric appliances, and so on.

If the rent for your home is within the guidelines on the chart above, typically the rent is within program guidelines. Under certain circumstances as explained above, the sum of the rent and utility allowance may exceed the amounts in the chart.

What is low income housing?

Low-income housing and apartments give those who can’t afford a great deal of rent or mortgage a place for them and their families to live that’s inexpensive. However, just because you can’t afford your dream home doesn’t mean you qualify. There are certain eligibility requirements that place limitations on who is able to complete a low income housing application and live in low-income housing.
Income Limits

In order to qualify for low-income housing, you have to make less than a certain limit set by your local government. If you want to apply for Food Stamps online, you must do so at a separate office. The limit varies from area to area. For instance, a family of five in Gainesville, Florida, earning $53,000 or less, is considered low income, while a family of five in Putnam County, Florida, earning less than $40,800 is classified as low-income. Afamily of four living in Franklin County, Florida, must earn less than $34,000 to be eligible. The limits will vary based on the number of members in your household. You don’t have to be completely unemployed to qualify. Additionally, you don’t have to have a full-time job to be eligible. You don’t have to be receiving any type of assistance, such asTemporary Assistance for Needy Families(TANF), cash benefits from the government, Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) or any other assistanceto qualify either.

How can I get an application for section 8?

One goal of the HCV Program is to enable eligible households to rent or purchase decent, safe and sanitary housing in the private housing market. After a voucher is issued it remains with the family or individual as long as they remain eligible, even if they change residence. Any low income U. S. citizen can apply for Section 8. The dollar amount of HCV Program Housing Assistance Payments will vary depending on the income of the family or individual and the approved rent/mortgage for the unit.

Another facet of the HCV Program is the home ownership option available to current participating families. The voucher assistance is available and being used by current participants, who meet the home ownership eligibility requirements, toward mortgage payments to purchase a home. The HCR local administrators have programs to empower interested families with readiness for and assistance with home ownership.

Families interested in applying for the HCV Program must obtain an application from the local Public Housing Authority (PHA). In New York City, HCR operates the HCV Program through its Subsidy Services Bureau.

The New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) and the New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development (HPD) also operate HCV Programs in New York City. HCR's Statewide HCV Program administers the HCV Program in other areas of NYS via a network of Local Administrators. A section 8 apartment application is available only at housing authorities for free.

In Westchester County, HCR also operates a model housing counseling and mobility program through the Enhanced Section 8 Outreach Program (ESOP). The goal of this special-purpose program is to assist HCV applicants and participants secure housing in racially and economically diverse neighborhoods. HCR plans to expand the counseling and mobility services to other local HCV Program jurisdictions.

Once a completed Section 8 application is submitted and the applicant is determined to be eligible, the applicant is placed on an open section 8 waiting list. When a subsidy becomes available, the household is issued a Housing Choice Voucher. The voucher certifies that the applicant is eligible for the HCV Program and also specifies, based on the number or people in the family, the size of the unit the family is authorized for. Among other requirements, the family must participate in the program for a minimum of 12 months before it is deemed eligible for the home ownership option.

How can I apply for section 8 online?

How to Apply for Section 8

Everett Housing Authority Opens Voucher Waitlist

The Everett Housing Authority (EHA) will open its Housing Choice Voucher waiting list to applicants who meet one of EHA’s Local Preferences. Information about our local preferences can be found on our website at The waiting list will be open from July 21, 2015 at 10:00 am until July 31, 2015 at 4:00 pm. Applications may only be submitted through our on-line application system and will be ordered by date and time. The application can be completed using any web browser including on smart phones. The web address for the HUD housing application is: Housing Cafe. Applicants must have an e-mail address. Applicants who require a reasonable accommodation should contact EHA at (425) 258-9222. Applications information line (425) 339-1002

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